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Which is Best Retinol Cream or Retin A

Which is Best? Retinol Cream or Retin A? Which Should You Buy?

How do you choose between using Retin-a or using a retinol cream? Well, I have got the answers for you in this article. Today we’re gonna cover this question, I get from so many people. They ask me “how do I choose what to use Retin-A or should I use retinol cream. Well, that is the problem that we’re focusing on how do you choose between these two.

Retin-a you may know or Trenton Owen is a prescription-strength retinoid. Both of these are retinoids are derivatives of vitamin A and Retin-A are Tretton Owen is the stronger version the one that you have to get via a prescription or through a doctor’s office.

Retinol cream is a bit of a weaker form. It’s an over-the-counter version of it and this is what is in pretty much the vast majority of commercially available skincare lines have retinol in at least one of their products. So how do you choose between which of these is for you? Well, let’s start by looking at the benefits of Retin-A.

Retin-a has been shown in scientific studies to exfoliate the skin to smooth fine lines, to fade age spots, to thicken the dermis or the deeper layer of the skin, to tighten the skin and crazy’ even to reverse early pre skin cancers. So this one cream can do a lot for your skin. Okay and so if I had to pick one aggressive anti-ageing cream then that pretty much is it. But what are the drawbacks of applying a Trenton cream like this one that you get in a doctor’s office? Well, it is much stronger than typically the retinol cream and you can get a reaction from it.

I tell you story I had first used Retin-A when I was in medical school and I was having some acne issues. So my family doctor prescribed it to me. This is 0.05% but they make 0.1% which is double this strength and she wrote a prescription, she said just go ahead and apply this every day and your skin will look better. So I applied to mask every day religiously for a week and then my face was on fire.

It was bright red. It was flaking and felt like I had a mask of fire on my face and it took two weeks for it to completely settle down. So the thing with Trenton Owen is, it can create an acute inflammatory reaction and the interesting thing is, you get this acute inflammation that will eventually subside.

Okay, it will go away and in the end. Retin-a reduces chronic inflammation. So it’s kind of odd but you get this initial reaction that subsides and most people can tolerate it afterwards. But going through that reaction can be fairly traumatic for some. Another drawback of Retin-A is that you need a prescription. This isn’t something that you can just go to your drugstore or your Sephora or a department store and pick up. This is something you got to get through a doctor’s office.

In one way or another Retin-A can also dry the skin. This is something that for some people isn’t much of an issue. If you’ve got thick oily skin, Retin-A a lot of times does really well for skin like yours. But if you’ve got skin like mine or if you’ve got thin skin, if you’ve got sensitive skin, if you’ve got very mature skin, if you’re a woman who’s past menopause sometimes, it’s hard for the skin to tolerate it. Because it really dries and because it’s typically put in fairly kind of generic formulations. It often doesn’t have all that nice of the feel to the skin. It doesn’t feel soft and silky and glamorous on your skin. Because it’s more of a medical-grade cream.

Okay and so for these reasons especially that how strong it is, it’s not necessarily for everybody. Well, what about retinol cream? what are the benefits of retinol cream? Well it exposes the skin, it’s smooth fine lines, it fades age spots, it thickens the dermis and it tightens the skin which is everything that we’ve said about Retin-A or Trent Owen and it might reverse early pre skin cancers. I put a question mark after that because the studies that show the reversal of pre skin cancers are quickly done with they try knowing not with retinol cream.

Here is some of the best retinol cream: They are the top-selling product in the UK. So these retinol cream basically does the same things as Retin-a, it just isn’t quite as aggressive and may not be quite as effective as Retin-A.  So what are the drawbacks then for retinol cream? Well, it’s not as aggressive so these changes are probably going to be slower than what you see with Tretton Owen.

picture of some best retinol cream

But the good news is retinol cream don’t need a prescription to buy it. Retinol cream really is more purely anti-ageing over the counter product. So what are my recommendations as a holistic plastic surgeon? Well, I recommend that you start with a retinol cream first. If you’ve not tried these before, go with the retinol cream. Follow the previous link where I have given you the best retinol cream list. They are made with natural and organic ingredients.  Some of them you may find it is in the sale at my online store.

There’s also a lot of skincare companies, most of them have their own version of retinol cream. So you can look for it for them in the drugstore or in the department store or online.  Start with that, see what you think. If you have been using it for a few weeks to a few months and you’re just not seeing much or not getting much flaking or exfoliation then it’s possible that your skin needs something stronger. If that’s the case then go ahead and look for a doctor who can get you on some Retin-A.

If you have a skin cancer history I would probably go with the Retin-A read more: . Over the retinol cream is just better to be safe than sorry. But retinol cream is quite as effective as the retinoids but they re lighter version and definitely can help your skin. The main ingredients are derived from vitamin A and it’s one of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients.  Once applied to the skin retinol is converted into retinoic acid which then communicates with cells to repair damaged. Retinol cream helps increase the skin cell turnover rate which is a crucial component of treating lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and even acne.  It can be irritating to the skin if used in excess or used inappropriately. So it’s really important to start off using a retinol cream two to three times a week and increases your skin’s tolerance level.

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